The Best Gloves for Hiking and Mountaineering in 2023

While you are hiking, trekking or mountaineering, it is very likely that you will encounter harsh conditions like low temperatures, snow showers, rain and wind. To perform to the best of your abilities in such conditions, you need some proper hiking gear. The fingers are one of the body parts most prone to frostbites and…

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Outdoor Research Alti

The Best Down Vests for Hiking in 2023

It is very likely that you will encounter challenging weather conditions while you are hiking, trekking or mountaineering. Therefore, you should choose clothing for your outdoor adventures with great caution. Hiking vests are becoming increasingly popular as they keep your torso warm while providing good freedom of movement, which is of great value for any…

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Arcteryx Cerium LT Vest

The Best Gaiters for Hiking in 2023

Although hiking in snowy conditions is not easy, it can be an unforgettable experience to wander around an amazing snow-covered landscape. To be comfortable and safe on snowy trails you will need some additional gear, like insulated clothing, winter hiking boots and gaiters. Gaiters are very useful for hiking on snowy trails because they prevent snow and…

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Outdoor Research Crocodile

The Best Down Jackets of 2023

Hikers and mountaineers are often exposed to low temperatures, harsh winds and other challenging conditions – especially in mountainous regions. Hiking under these conditions is no fun unless you have the right equipment to keep you warm and protected against the elements. In winter, when the temperatures drop, you will have to put on extra…

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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer

The Best Winter Hiking Jackets with Synthetic Insulation of 2023

Low temperatures are no obstacle for hiking if you dress well so that you are warm and comfortable. An insulated jacket is one of the most important pieces of winter hiking clothing because it reduces your body heat loss by trapping the body-warmed air within its insulation. Insulated jackets also offer some basic protection against…

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Outdoor Research Cathode Hooded Jacket

The Best Hiking Waterproof Rain Pants of 2023

In a perfect world all hikes would be conducted in sunny dry weather, but rain and wind should not put you off from going on a hike as long as it doesn’t jeopardize your safety. In rainy weather a pair of waterproof pants is a great addition to a rain jacket as it decreases the…

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Waterproof Pants

Best Hiking Rain Jackets of 2023 – Lightweight

Hiking in rainy weather is no fun unless you have the right equipment and clothing. A high-quality rain jacket is essential in wet conditions because it keeps you dry and thus warm. Furthermore, it also protects you against the wind and reduces the wind-chill effect. In this review we selected the best hiking rain jackets…

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Rab Muztag Jacket

The Best Pants for Hiking in 2023

Hiking pants protect your legs against the weather and surroundings (rocks, vegetation etc.), and are therefore very useful for different outdoor activities. They differ from regular pants in materials and design. Hiking pants are quick-drying, moisture-wicking and very sturdy. Furthermore, they also provide good freedom of movement and are therefore comfortable to wear on steep…

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Prana Stretch Zion

The Best Hiking Fleece Jackets of 2023

When you are hiking, mountaineering or trekking you are often exposed to challenging weather conditions and thus it’s good to have high-performance clothing. A fleece jacket is a very useful garment because it provides insulation and can be worn either as an outer layer in dry weather or as a mid-layer in wet or windy…

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Best fleece jackets for men