Gregory Packs Paragon 58 Review

A few months ago, I received the Gregory Packs Paragon 58 backpack from the iconic American brand in return for an unbiased review. Since then I used it on one backpacking trip and on several short hikes where I focused on testing its performance in terms of functionality, comfort and features. I really wanted a…

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Gregory Paragon 58: The pack fits perfectly

How to fit a backpack: Shoulder straps, hipbelt and more

When it comes to hiking backpacks, fit is everything. Certainly, a hiking backpack should be lightweight, durable, have convenient pockets and compartments, but an ill-fitting or ill-fitted backpack will never be comfortable on trails. A well-fitting backpack makes the heavy load feel much lighter while a poorly fitting backpack is uncomfortable even when you are…

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How to fit a backpack

Hiking Backpacks Guide: How to choose the right backpack?

Backpack enables you to easily carry water, food, additional clothing and other necessities. Hiking backpacks vary greatly in design, capacity, fit and features. Therefore it can be hard to decide which backpack to buy. In this guide to hiking backpacks we first explain different types of backpacks and then help you figure out your needs…

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Hiking Backpacks Guide