Source Outdoor releases the new D|vide Hydration System

Source D|vide Hydration System

Source D|vide Hydration System

A hydration system comes in handy on hiking trips as it allows you to drink on the go without stopping. Nowadays, several manufactures produce hydration systems but two brands really stand out; Source and Camelbak. The latest invention from Source is the Divide hydration bladder which is, as the name suggests, divided into two compartments.


Source Divide

Suitable for:

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Cycling
  • Backpacking


Material: Triple layer PE film


As already mentioned above the Source Divide hydration bladder has two compartments – one compartment for water and one compartment for isotonic drinks. Each compartment has its own tube and bite valve so that you can easily switch between the two drinks.  To prevent the mix-up, the tubes are in different colors – one is red and the other one is blue. The hydration bladder comes in two different sizes; size M has a capacity of two liters and size L has a capacity of three liters.

The hydration bladder is equipped with (one) wide slide closure at the top for easy maintenance and refilling. The wide opening at the top also allows you to quickly and easily dry the hydration bladder. The hydration bladder is made of polyethylene film which utilizes the Glass-Like technology –the polyethylene film is super smooth on the inner side and therefore it prevents bacterial growth as well as allows for easy cleaning. The polyethylene film is also treated with antimicrobial agent and doesn’t contain BPA or phthalate.

The Source Divide hydration bladder is a great option for runners, cyclists, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Its advantage is obvious; it allows you to easily carry and drink two different beverages.  However, it also has a drawback – the two tubes might get in the way during your activities. The two tubes also cause hassle when inserting the bladder into a backpack. Nevertheless, many athletes find this hydration bladder very useful, exactly because it can hold two different beverages.





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