Hiking Winter Equipment

The winter equipment category includes reviews of the best five products within each category of equipment for snowy and/or icy trails (such as crampons, snowshoes, ice axes etc.). Proper winter hiking equipment will help you to stay safe and perform better on slippery trails. If you are looking for winter clothing, check out the clothing category instead.

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Reviews of Hiking Winter Equipment

The Best Snowshoes for Hiking in 2017

When trails and mountains are covered with snow, hiking becomes much more challenging and requires additional equipment and skills. Traversing areas with deep soft snow will slow you down significantly and cause exhaustion and muscle fatigue, but this can be mitigated by using snowshoes. Snowshoes allow you to hike on a snowy terrain without sinking… Read More »

MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

The Best Ice Axes for Hiking and General Mountaineering   Recently updated !

Hiking becomes much more difficult when trails are snowy or frozen. In order to execute hiking trips on icy and snowy trails safely, you will need some additional equipment – of which the two most important pieces are crampons and an ice axe. While crampons provide you with the necessary traction, an ice axe helps… Read More »

Petzl Summit Evo Ice Axe

The Best Gaiters for Hiking   Recently updated !

Although hiking through snow is not the easiest thing to do, it can be an unforgettable experience to wander around an amazing snow-covered landscape. In order to be comfortable and safe on snowy trails you will need some additional equipment such as insulated clothing, winter hiking boots and gaiters. Gaiters are very useful as they prevent snow… Read More »

Outdoor Research Crocodile

The Best Crampons (C1)

Hiking becomes much more difficult in winter when the trails are covered with the snow – but not necessarily less enjoyable! To safely and comfortably execute hiking trips in winter, you might need additional equipment such as crampons, snowshoes, gaiters and an ice axe. If you are hiking on trails covered with (slippery) frozen snow… Read More »

Petzl Irvis