Tactical Equipment

Even though Best Hiking’s primary focus is hiking gear, we occasionally post selections of tactical equipment. Tactical equipment is typically more durable and robust than hiking equipment but is on the other hand also significantly heavier – which is a downside because it increases the aerobic demand.

All Selections of Tactical Equipment

Best Military Boots of 2021 – Tactical Boots   Recently updated !

Whether you are a soldier, law enforcement officer or a hunter, you need good tactical boots which are comfortable to wear and protect your feet from injuries. Military boots differ greatly in weight, breathability, ankle support and traction. Hence you should choose your boots according to the activities you plan to do. In the following… Read More »

Best Military Boots - Cover

The Best Military Watches of 2021

Here we selected and reviewed the best military watches of 2021. These durable and robust watches are perfect for those who need a reliable timepiece which will withstand harsh conditions. This includes soldiers, law enforcement officers, hunters, mountaineers, hikers, backpackers and other tactical enthusiasts. Unlike earlier, we now also included GPS watches in this selection… Read More »

Suunto Traverse Alpha Military Watch

The Best Tactical Backpacks of 2021

A tactical backpack is one of the most basic pieces of tactical gear because it allows you to easily carry your essentials. Tactical backpacks differ from other backpacks (such as hiking backpacks) in materials and colors. They are made of more durable materials to withstand rigorous abrasion during field use. Furthermore, they also have more compartments… Read More »

Kelty Raven Tactical Backpack

The Best Military Sunglasses of 2021   Recently updated !

Sunglasses protect your eyes from overexposure to ultraviolet radiation and are thus very important if you spend a lot of time outside. However, when it comes to tactical/military sunglasses it is not all about the UV protection – military sunglasses should also provide ballistic protection (e.g. protection against small projectiles and fragments). Ballistic eye protection… Read More »