Hiking Footwear

The footwear category includes selections of the best five products within each category of hiking footwear (backpacking boots, lightweight hiking boots, trekking shoes etc.). Proper hiking footwear is unquestionably the most important piece of hiking equipment as it will enhance your performance and protect your feet from injuries.

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Hiking Footwear Guide

All Selections of Hiking Footwear

The Best Backpacking Boots of 2019

For backpacking you need good boots which protect your feet from injuries and improve your performance on trails. Because boots vary greatly in weight, traction, breathability and ankle support you should choose your backpacking boots according to the conditions you expect to encounter on your trips. In the following we selected and reviewed the best… Read More »

Best Backpacking Boots

Best Hiking Boots of 2019 – Lightweight and Waterproof

Hiking boots are very important because they protect your feet from injuries and provide you with support, stability and traction. To achieve the best performance on trails, you should choose your boots according to the conditions you expect to encounter on your hikes. The hiking boots in this selection are super lightweight. Therefore, they are… Read More »

Lowa Innox Lightweight Hiking Boots

The Best Trekking Shoes of 2019

Whether you are a recreational hiker or a hardcore mountaineer, you need good footwear. If you are mainly into “easy” trails (in terms of terrain, not necessarily distance) you will probably be better off wearing a pair of good trekking shoes (also referred to as hiking shoes) rather than regular hiking boots. Not only are… Read More »

Keen Targhee II - One of the best trekking shoes currently available