Women’s Hiking Shell Layers

Below you will find selections of women’s shell layers for hiking. The main function of a shell layer is to provide protection against the elements (rain, snow and wind) and it is normally worn over the mid-layer and base layer. In warm weather the shell can also be worn directly over a base layer as insulation is not required. Shell layer garments include rain jackets, softshell jackets and insulated (waterproof or water-resistant) jackets.

All Selections of Women’s Hiking Shells

Best Women’s Softshell Jackets of 2019   Recently updated !

A softshell jacket typically combines the qualities of a fleece jacket and a rain jacket by offering warmth as well as decent wind- and water-resistance. It is worn directly over your base layer or on top of an insulating mid-layer in cold weather. Wearing a softshell jacket for hiking is a lot more comfortable than… Read More »

Rab Kinetic Plus

Best Women’s Rain Jackets for Hiking in 2019   Recently updated !

In an ideal world all outdoor activities would take place in sunny dry weather. However, even if you plan your hiking trips meticulously after the weather forecast, there is always a chance that you will run into some unforeseen rain – especially at higher altitudes where the weather can change abruptly. A quality rain jacket… Read More »

Rab Downpour