Women’s Hiking Mid-layers

Below you will find selections of women’s mid-layers for hiking. The main function of a mid-layer is to provide thermal insulation and so it is worn over a base layer when the base layer can’t provide sufficient warmth on its own. Mid-layers include woolen sweaters, fleece sweaters, fleece jackets, down jackets and jackets with synthetic insulation.

All Selections of Women’s Hiking Mid-Layers

Best Fleece Jackets for Women in 2021

A high-quality fleece jacket can both be used as a snug mid-layer in cold weather and as an outer layer when hiking in dry weather at moderate temperatures. It can also be used as casual wear in everyday life and is thus one of the more versatile pieces of hiking clothing. In comparison to other… Read More »

Mountain Hardwear MicroChill

Best Down Jackets for Women in 2021

Hiking at high altitudes or in the height of winter can be an absolute pleasure but only if you are dressed appropriately for the low temperatures. A down jacket is the perfect option for hiking in icy cold weather as it provides the most warmth in relation to its weight compared with other insulation materials… Read More »

Patagonia Down Sweater