Hiking Pants

Below you will find selections of hiking pants. Hiking pants provide protection against the surroundings (rocks, vegetation etc.) and weather. They are typically made of polyester or nylon of different densities (for different weather conditions). In warm weather shorts can be used if protection against the vegetation and terrain is not required.

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All Selections of Hiking Pants

Best Softshell Pants of 2021

Here we selected and reviewed the best softshell pants for hiking in cold weather. In cold weather regular pants don’t provide good enough insulation for comfortable hiking. Therefore, softshell pants or warm long johns are required. However, long johns are not the best option for hiking (except in super cold weather) as they restrict your… Read More »

Outdoor Research Cirque

Best Hiking Shorts of 2021

A pair of high-quality shorts is very useful for hiking in warm weather because it provides better ventilation, comfort and freedom of movement than regular pants. However, shorts should be worn only for hiking on well-groomed and technically undemanding trails where protection against vegetation and terrain (rocks, cliffs etc.) is not required. In this review… Read More »

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Hiking Shorts

Best Hiking Pants for Women in 2021

Hiking can be as simple as a walk in the nearby park on pruned paths – but if you are planning to hike for a whole day or in more rough terrain, you will thank yourself for getting a pair of proper hiking pants that will protect your legs against abrasion and harsh weather. Below… Read More »

CimAlp Interstice Light hiking pants for women

The Best Hiking Waterproof Rain Pants of 2021

In a perfect world all hikes would be conducted in sunny dry weather, but rain and wind should not put you off from going on a hike as long as that’s safe. In rainy weather a pair of waterproof pants is a great addition to a rain jacket as it decreases the wind-chill effect and… Read More »

Waterproof Pants

The Best Pants for Hiking in 2021

Hiking pants protect your legs against the weather and surroundings (rocks, vegetation etc.), and are therefore very useful for different outdoor activities. They differ from regular pants in materials and design. Hiking pants are quick-drying, moisture-wicking and very sturdy. Furthermore, they also provide good freedom of movement and are therefore comfortable to wear on steep… Read More »

Prana Stretch Zion