Men’s Hiking Shell Layers

Below you will find reviews of men’s shell layers for hiking. The main function of a shell layer is to provide protection against the elements (rain, snow and wind). A shell (outer layer) is worn over the mid-layer and base layer. In warm weather the shell can also be worn directly over the base layer as insulation is not required. Shell layer garments include rain jackets, softshell jackets and insulated (waterproof or water-resistant) jackets.

Reviews of Men’s Hiking Shells

The Best Softshell Jackets of 2017   Recently updated !

Hiking in cold and windy weather is no fun unless you wear appropriate clothing which keeps you warm and snug. This includes a high-quality base layer, insulation layer and an outer layer. A softshell jacket comes in very handy as the outer layer because it provides both insulation and protection against the wind and light… Read More »

Outdoor Research Ferrosi

Best 2.5-Layer Rain Jackets for Hiking and Trekking

Hikers and mountaineers regularly face harsh conditions like low temperatures, strong winds and heavy rain. Hiking in these conditions is unpleasant, unless you have the right equipment – including a good rain jacket. A rain jacket will not only keep you dry on a rainy day but it will also protect you against the wind… Read More »

Montane Minimus

The Best 3-Layer Hiking Rain Jackets

Hiking in wet conditions is no fun unless you have the right equipment. A high-quality rain jacket must be considered essential as it keeps you dry and thus warmer by significantly reducing the convective heat loss. Furthermore, it protects you against the wind and thus mitigates the wind-chill effect. In this review we selected the… Read More »

Rab Muztag Jacket