Hiking the Alps

The Alps are the biggest mountain range in Europe and offer vast possibilities for hiking and mountaineering of all sorts. The Alps stretch for 1200 kilometers through no less than 8 countries. In 2017 we will conduct several hiking trips in the Alps and regularly post detailed trail descriptions here. These trips will often be technically and physically challenging and thus mainly suitable for well-prepared hikers and mountaineers who have the appropriate equipment such as via ferrata set, climbing harness, climbing helmet etc.

Note: Map markers show starting points of trails!

Executed Hikes in the Alps

Krn Trail – Hiking the Alps

After climbing Begunjscica, Jof di Miezegnot and Cima del Cacciatore in the eastern part of the Alps, I decided to proceed my “Hiking the Alps” tour by climbing the 2245 meters high Krn. Krn is a very popular peak among hikers and mountaineers from Austria, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. It is a part of… Read More »

Krn Trail - While climbing you are surrounded by steep slopes

Cima del Cacciatore Trail – Hiking the Alps

After climbing Jof di Miezegnot from Valbruna village, I stayed the night in Tarvisio in order to climb the the 2074 meters high Cima del Cacciatore mountain with my girlfriend next day. I choose Cima del Cacciatore because the trail seemed less physically demanding than trails to other mountains of… Read More »

Cima del Cacciatore - The Summit is seen while traversing the ridge

Jof di Miezegnot Trail – Hiking the Alps

After climbing Slovenian Begunjscica in the eastern part of the Alps, I decided to continue my “Hiking the Alps” tour by climbing Jof di Miezegnot in north-eastern Italy. Jof di Miezegnot is a 2088 meters high mountain which lies in the heart of the Julian Alps and offers a great… Read More »

Jof di Miezegnot - Summit

Begunjscica Trail – Hiking the Alps

For the first hike of my “Hiking the Alps” tour, I decided to climb the Begunjscica mountain. Begunjscica is a little over 2000 meters high mountain in the north-western part of Slovenia; a small Central European country, bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, where you find the easternmost part of the Alps. Begunjscica is… Read More »

Begunjscica Trail - View towards the east