Hiking Denmark

Denmark does, in spite of its flatness, offer some interesting trails for hiking. Best Hiking will continuously post detailed descriptions of various hiking trails in Denmark with attached GPS-routes. The GPS-routes can be downloaded for free and used for easier navigation with GPS devices (Garmin, Magellan, Satmap), Smartphones (app required) and certain hiking watches (Suunto, Garmin).

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Note: Map markers show starting points of trails!

Executed Hikes in Denmark

Bolling Lake Trail near Silkeborg and Aarhus – Hiking Denmark

In comparison to other European countries Denmark does not have very much forest (only 12 % forest cover) – or nature in general, except its white sandy beaches which circumscribe most of the extensive coast line. There are, however, exceptions which make it possible to conduct some great hikes where you can… Read More »

Bolling Lake Trail - View on the lake

Himmelbjerget Trail – Hiking Denmark

Himmelbjerget is an around 148 meters high mountain in Jutland in Denmark. In December 2015 I concluded my “Hiking Iceland” tour and then stayed in Denmark for some time. Denmark is quite flat and therefore I was skeptic that I could find a tempting mountain to climb over there.  However, after doing some research on… Read More »

Himmelbjerget - Top of the mountain