Planning and Packing

Planning a hiking trip properly means packing the right equipment as well as getting an overview of the terrain that awaits you. In the articles below we discuss planning and packing and provide answers to questions such as how to plan a hiking trip and how to pack a backpack. Planning a hiking trip meticulously can be time-consuming, but hopefully these articles will help you to tick all the boxes in a more efficient manner.

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Hiking Gear Checklists

Advice on Planning and Packing

Hiking for Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

Hiking is a simple activity that is suitable for everybody. Therefore, hiking is a perfect way to stay fit and healthy. It also relieves stress and gives you a possibility to discover the beauty of nature at your own pace. Hiking is a relatively inexpensive activity and if you don’t live in a (big) city… Read More »

Hiking for Beginners

How to pack a backpack for hiking and backpacking?

While it might be easy as cake to pack a backpack for a short hike where you carry only water and a snack, it becomes more of an art when you need to pack additional clothing, extra gear (climbing harness, helmet, via ferrata set etc.) or even sleeping equipment if you plan to spend one… Read More »

How to pack a backpack

How to plan a hiking trip?

Hiking can be as easy and uncomplicated as a walk in the nearby park but as soon as you are going on a hike that will take place on trails unfamiliar to you, some planning is required. By planning a trip you will acquire information about the technical complexity of the trail, expected weather conditions… Read More »