Hiking in Iceland

In 2015 we spent almost a year in Iceland and in this period we conducted and tracked nine different hiking trips there. Below you will find articles with information about travelling and hiking in Iceland. We wrote these articles in order to improve your “Icelandic experience” as well as make your hiking trips there safe and comfortable.

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Hiking Trails in Iceland

Advice on Hiking in Iceland

What to wear in Iceland?

We spent the majority of 2015 in Iceland where we hiked, worked and had fun. We soon realized that the Icelandic climate differs quite a bit from mainland European climate and thus requires different clothes. During the Icelandic summer the temperature rises to maximum 20° C (68° F) or so, while it drops down to… Read More »

What to wear in Iceland - View on Reykjavik in November

Best 5 Hiking Trails in Iceland Reachable by Public Transport

Iceland is a beautiful country with many unique and interesting landscapes, which makes it a gem for hikers of all kinds whether they prefer the toughest hills or more recreational trails around the country. However, Iceland is expensive – even compared to the States or other Scandinavian countries and not least when it comes to… Read More »

Best 5 Trails in Iceland Reachable with Public Transport

Top 10 Things to Bring for Hiking in Iceland

In 2015 I executed 9 very different hiking trips in Iceland while staying there for 8 months. As soon as I arrived there in May I realized that I might be lacking some equipment such as for example crampons, ice axe and high-quality winter clothing. Being accustomed to hiking in the Alps I didn’t expect… Read More »

Top 10 Things to Bring for Hiking in Iceland

10 things you should know before going hiking in Iceland

As you might already know, I stayed in Iceland for the last six months of 2015 and while being there I executed nine very different hiking trips. Being accustomed to hiking in the Alps, I noticed that the Icelandic mountains differ from the Alps in many ways. In order to help you stay safe and… Read More »

10 things you should know before going hiking in iceland - Kjolur trail in July