Food and Hydration for Hikers

Hiking is a strenuous activity which makes your body rapidly burn calories and loose fluids. Therefore, it is very important that you bring a sufficient amount of water and food on every proper hiking trip. In the articles below we discuss hydration and nutrition and provide answers to questions like what food to bring on a hiking trip and how much water to drink during a hike. Furthermore, we also discuss hydration equipment.

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Planning and Packing

Advice on Food and Hydration

How much water to take on a hiking trip?

Hiking is a strenuous activity which makes our body rapidly lose fluids and thus sufficient hydration during a hike (as well as before and after) is very important. Failing to provide your body with enough water results in decreased physical and mental performance and can in the most severe cases cause delirium, unconsciousness and death.… Read More »

How much water to take on a hiking trip?

Hydration Systems Vs Water Bottles

Since their introduction in the early 90’s, hydration systems (also referred to as hydration reservoirs and hydration bladders) have become increasingly popular among hikers, trekkers, mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts. This is mainly due to the fact that they, unlike water bottles, allow easy access to water and you have your hands free when drinking. The… Read More »

Hydration System

How to choose food for a hiking trip?

On a recreational hiking day trip, you can bring just about any kind and amount of food you wish – whether it is merely a light snack or a 4-course picnic – as you will probably have plenty of place in your backpack. But multi-day hiking trips require some nutritional planning and preparation, as it… Read More »

Chocolate bar vs. apple; first contains twice as much calories but is significantly smaller and lighter