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Hi, we are Best Hiking!

Us hiking in Austria

Us hiking in Austria

We hike, climb mountains, test hiking gear and follow the latest innovations in hiking equipment. Here we write about our adventures, gear we’ve tested, and recommend you the best products within each category of hiking gear. Thanks for stopping by!

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3 Easy Steps to the Website for Beginners

1. Hiking Gear Guide

We made a comprehensive guide to hiking equipment in order to help beginners understand which features to look for in different products and which to avoid.

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2. Product Recommendations

Looking for new equipment? Check out our product recommendations in order to find the hiking gear that fullfils your requirements.

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3. Planning and Packing

Make sure that your next hiking trip will be hassle-free by following our advice on planning hiking trips and packing a backpack properly.

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Best Hiking includes several sections:

1. Hiking Trails

In the hiking trails section we write about our hiking trips. As we currently live in Europe, we mainly hike in European countries (Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Iceland etc.). For each hiking trip we explain how you reach the starting point and what equipment you might need. Furthermore, we also attach GPS routes (recorded by us) for easier navigation. GPS routes can be used with handheld GPS devices, GPS watches or Smartphones (app is required). Please note that although we aim to provide you with the most accurate information about each trail (at the time of posting), we cannot take responsibility for the safety of you or your hiking group.

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2. Gear Tests

Here we write about the hiking gear which we thoroughly tested on our hiking trips. We write unbiased reviews explaining the advantages and shortcomings of each product. While we bought many products on our own, we also received some directly from the manufacturers for free. Note that even if we receive a free product this doesn’t automatically entail a positive review (see the Advertise section below). How we obtained each product is mentioned in the respective reviews.

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3. New Releases

In the new releases section we write about new top-notch hiking products. We publish comprehensive information about each product which includes its functionality, features, advantages and disadvantages.

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4. Side-by-side Reviews

In the side-by-side reviews section you will find our product recommendations – the best five products within each category of hiking gear according to our research. These articles help you to choose between the best options on the market. We are confident in the quality of the products we recommend and thus we often buy these products ourselves and review them in the gear tests section. Read more about how we select products here.

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5. Hiking Tips

In these articles we discuss various hiking topics such as hydration, food, navigation, planning etc. We also post articles with information about travelling and hiking in various countries (based on our own experience) in order to make your hiking trips there safe and hassle-free.

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Advertising and Giveaways

We don’t offer advertising space as such at the moment, but we do accept products of a certain quality for testing. We only accept hiking and backpacking related products.  If you want to get your products reviewed, drop us a line via e-mail ([email protected]). Please note that sending us a product for free doesn’t automatically entail a positive review – we highlight the best features as well as any possible shortcomings. We do NOT accept money in return for reviewing a product positively. Check out the gear tests section to see examples of our first-hand reviews.


If you want to support us, simply purchase products from Amazon via the product links in our articles. That way, we receive a small percentage of the amount you purchase for at no extra cost for you.


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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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If you have any questions (trails, hiking gear or anything else), recommendations or constructive criticism, feel free to drop us a line via e-mail. We will be happy to hear from you.

E-mail: [email protected]