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The Best Headlamps for 2017

Even well-planned hikes can end up taking much longer time than anticipated (due to weather, injuries, blocked trails etc.) and to ensure that you don’t end up being stuck in nature in pitch-black, it is crucial that you bring a headlamp in your backpack. A headlamp also gives you possibility for planning activities in the… Read More »

Petzl Reactik+ Headlamp

The Best Lightweight Hiking Boots for 2017

The most basic and important piece of hiking equipment is a pair of well-performing hiking boots as it protects your feet from injuries and provides you with support, stability and traction. In order to achieve the best performance on trails, you should choose your boots with great caution. Not all hiking boots are suitable for… Read More »

Lowa Innox Lightweight Hiking Boots

The Best Tactical Backpacks for 2017

A backpack is one of the most basic pieces of tactical equipment because it allows you to easily carry your gear. Tactical backpacks differ from other backpacks (such as backpacking and hiking backpacks) by being more durable so that they can withstand rigorous abrasion encountered during field use. Furthermore, tactical backpacks also have more compartments… Read More »

Kelty Raven Tactical Backpack

The Best Daypacks of 2017   Recently updated !

A backpack allows you to easily organize and carry food, water, accessories, equipment and additional clothing. Therefore, it is required for all but the shortest hikes. However, not every backpack is suitable for every hike. For example, it doesn’t make sense to carry a very big backpack on short hikes as big backpacks are typically… Read More »

Osprey Talon 22