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The Best Hiking site follows the latest innovations in hiking equipment and shows you what is new or important – and how good hiking equipment can enrich your tours. We give you information and advice that will help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of it. On the website you will also find hiking tips and hiking trails with routes in GPX format attached. The Best Hiking site is an important source of information for hikers, mountaineers, climbers and backpackers all over the world.

People visit Best Hiking to:

  • Read hiking, mountaineering, climbing and backpacking equipment reviews
  • Read the latest news about hiking, mountaineering, climbing and backpacking equipment
  • Learn what equipment they need for hiking
  • Get hiking tips
  • Read hiking trail reviews and get trail routes in GPX format
  • Post opinions and help others to make the right decisions about hiking equipment



Best Hiking can offer your company advertising space in the sidebar. We will only accept ads from manufacturers and shops in areas like hiking, mountaineering, climbing, backpacking and nutrition. For more information you can contact us here.

Get products reviewed

Best Hiking is one of the most thorough review sites of hiking equipment on the web. The best way to get your products reviewed is to contact us via email. If your product fits our area of interest we will ask you to send it to us. We will test your products and write a comprehensive review, high-lighting the best features of the product as well as any possible cons.

Collaborate with us

Best Hiking would like to expand its Hiking Trails section in order to help other keen hikers and mountaineers to find the best places for hiking all over the world. If you are willing to help us, please contact us. We are more than willing to share advertising commissions with you to get you on our team.


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