Vogel Trail – Hiking the Alps

Vogel GPS Route and Trail Description Equipment As the forecast promised very nice weather and I knew that this hike is not that demanding, I only took most basic hiking equipment with me. I was wearing an Icebreaker Tech T-Lite base layer, Woolx Merino Boxers, Montane Terra Pack pants, Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid hiking boots,… Read More »

Vogel Trail - Ascending the peak

The Best Hydration Bladders for Hiking

A hydration bladder comes in very handy on hiking trips of all durations as it provides easy access to water and you have your hands free when drinking. Therefore, a hydration bladder allows you to take small sips of water throughout the hike which is recommended during strenuous activities as it ensures that the water… Read More »

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How to pack a backpack?

While it might be easy as cake to pack a backpack for a short hike where you carry only water and a snack, it becomes more of an art when you need to pack additional clothing, extra gear (climbing harness, helmet, via ferrata set etc.) or even sleeping equipment if you plan to spend one… Read More »

How to pack a backpack

Skuta Trail – Hiking the Alps

Skuta GPS Route and Trail Description Note: This GPS route shows the directions from the starting point to the top and back to the mountain shelter. From the mountain shelter back to the starting point there is 6.60 kilometers of hiking left. To return back to the starting point I used the same trail as for… Read More »

Skuta Trail - View from the top

How much water to take on a hiking trip?

Hiking is a strenuous activity which makes our body rapidly lose fluids and thus sufficient hydration during a hike (as well as before and after) is very important. Failing to provide your body with enough water results in decreased physical and mental performance and can in the most severe cases cause delirium, unconsciousness and death.… Read More »

How much water to take on a hiking trip?

Krn Trail – Hiking the Alps

I would also advise against taking this route in very wet conditions due to the risk of slipping. For the way down I used the Eastern Dreznica Route which is technically undemanding. To those who are uncomfortable with heights I highly recommend taking the Eastern Dreznica Route both ways. Skip down to the point Getting… Read More »

Krn Trail - While climbing you are surrounded by steep slopes

Best Lightweight Tarps for Hiking

A tarp is basically a sheet of waterproof fabric that can form a decent shelter when attached with guylines to trees, trekking poles, rocks or any other stabile things. Tarps are by far the lightest portable shelters; a high-quality tarp that can form a shelter for one to two persons can weigh as little as… Read More »

MSR Thru Hiker 70 Wing

Asics Fit-Sana Contour Tank Top – First Hand Review

A tank top in a sophisticated material with a built-in bra is great for low to medium impact activities like hiking, climbing and mountaineering. It can be used on its own when hiking in warm weather or under insulating layers in colder conditions. I was keen to test the Asics Fit-Sana Contour tank top due… Read More »

-Asics Fit-Sana Contour Tank Top - From the back

The Best Merino Wool Base Layers for 2016

A base layer is one of the most vital pieces of hiking clothing as it is in direct contact with the skin and therefore significantly influences your comfort level and performance. Base layer clothing is responsible for managing moisture, protecting the skin (UV rays, chafing etc.) and maintaining the body’s natural temperature by reducing thermal… Read More »

Smartwool NTS Mid 250 Crew Top

Cima del Cacciatore Trail – Hiking the Alps

Cima del Cacciatore GPS Route and Trail Description Equipment On this hike my girlfriend was testing the Asics Fit-Sana Contour Tank while I was wearing an Icebreaker Tech T Lite Merino wool t-shirt, Montane Terra Pack pants, Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid hiking boots, Woolx Merino Boxers, baseball cap and socks made of Coolmax fibers. I… Read More »

Cima del Cacciatore - The Summit is seen while traversing the ridge